We welcome the Autumn in our House

We welcome the Autumn in our House

Newcomers to the new autumnal station, we decided to take this moment to thank and celebrate.
We thank the 2018 summer for everything received. We celebrate the arrival of Autumn renewing new energies. A perfect occasion to prepare our house at this time and give a more homey touch that is so grateful coming this change of season.
From Terrenalia we have thought of some ideas that will make your home welcome the arrival of Autumn in a more sweet and pleasant way.

We are going to use ocher colors

The ocher tones in walls and decorative elements will give your house a warm atmosphere, creating a cozy atmosphere. Colors that go between yellow and reddish; coral orange, mustard, terracotta, amber, chocolate, golden, teak red, indian red, honey, etc.
You can use these tones both in bedding (quilts, bedspreads, covers, etc.) and in curtains, carpets, decorative fabrics, sofa covers, cushions, tablecloths and even decorative objects.

Take advantage and change the decoration

New decorative objects set in the fall, can give your house a completely different look, without having to make really big changes and investments of money. Use candles, in shades of gold, ocher or red. On glass plates, inside glass vessels, metal or even on a wooden trunk. Using wood as a decorative element gives a very homelike touch and warmth to the rooms. The flame of the candles will light that new light of warmth that we have missed so much during the summer season. If in addition, aromatic candles are impregnated your house with essences and rich smells. Aromas of cinnamon, sandalwood or rosemary are scents that remind us of the autumnal season, inside our home.

We get comfortable and warm

Condition the sofa with a cushion more extra than you have now, corduroy materials, hair or any other warm fabric. Cover our carpet floors with beige shades or new ocher colors, as long as you have not already used too many ocher tones in your spaces. We can adorn our sofa and the foot of the beds with blankets of hair or wool; to then cover ourselves with them, something that we all love for our moments of relaxation and begins to feel the autumnal chill.

Crystals “gems” connected to autumn

Minerals are stones loaded with energies that we can use and use beneficially to improve our interior. In addition to its decorative use, neutralize the energies of your home. Just this season we are in, autumn is a time for changes, called the second harvest. In these months the light is warmer and the climate colder, events opposed to summer. So our emotions are exposed to intense changes. To help you integrate them in a positive way and transform energy into benefits. We recommend the power of these 5 crystals;

  • Amber (higher energy) – Amethyst (joy and meditation) – Carneola (motivation and precision) – Cobre (detoxifies and relieves) – Jasper (solutions and protection).

Now above all give free rein to your imagination and creativity, thinking about the tastes and comfort for you and yours. With all these ideas, in Terrenalia we are sure that you will be able to create in your home, a homelike atmosphere of the most comfortable, to enjoy all the spaces renewed and prepared for the autumnal season.